Free Makeup

 Influencer Program

Yes! You read that right, FREE makeup! We know building a social media following is tough work and as an influencer you MUST look your best, right?!

… Well, we are here to help! If you have 15,000 followers or more on a single platform we would love for you to join our influencer program so you can receive two free services (makeup or hair) per year (you can also combine both and do hair and makeup for a single event!).

So what will it take?

  • You must have 15,000 followers or more
  • You must be located in North NJ, NYC, or Charlotte NC
  • Submit our super quick application
  • Have your application reviewed and approved
  • Schedule your free hair or makeup service
  • Take lots of pics and post your best shots on your social media account
  • Tag us on all of your pictures
  • Enjoy!

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